APS Programme

Student Programme

The APS links students and horticultural educational institutions in Europe with the produce industry to establish connections that will help the industry find its next generation of business leaders.

Horticultural and business students are led by experienced and respected industry mentors throughout a morning of seminars, and then hosted on a walk-through of the show floor to understand the breadth of opportunity awaiting them within the fresh produce industry.

Pop-Up Careers Fair connecting industry with its emerging leaders
Holland is home to some of the most advanced horti- and agri-food educational establishments anywhere in the world and at the APS, we will provide the industry with an opportunity to interact and engage with students and professors from the institutions that are expertly preparing the next generation of produce professionals.

For the first time at one of our shows, we provided an area on the show floor for both Dutch and international students to take part in a Pop-Up Careers Fair and gave attendees and exhibitors at the APS a one-off opportunity to meet a large and varied cohort of the young people it needs to fill widening skills gaps in the sector and drive this ever-changing industry forward.

For two hours (15.00 to 17.00) on the main show floor, HAS University hosted a vibrant group of students, all of who have their eyes firmly fixed on a career within the produce industry, whether that be in Holland or overseas, working anywhere along the supply chain or as a buyer, and many more besides.

Far too many young people enter higher education with a view to working with fresh fruits and vegetables, but then leave as graduates with a different career path in mind. With a variety of skills sets embracing science and technology, languages, agronomy, marketing and all facets of modern-day commerce, the presence of these students at APS is an ideal chance to get to know the talent emerging from the education system – and make sure that they think of a career in produce first.

The educational establishments represented:

Aeres UAS – (CAH Dronten, Holland)
Cornell University (USA)
HAS (Holland)
Hotelschool, The Hague (Holland)
Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein (HvHL – Holland)
Wageningen University (Holland)

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